Freeview Plus

What is Freeview Plus?

Freeview Plus

With Freeview Plus, you can catch up on your favourite shows and never miss a thing! Check out the new feature Explore TV that is your own dedicated TV screen for program discovery.

With a vast number of features, Freeview Plus will change the way you experience television.

Catch Up

Now you can access all of the available catch-up TV programs in one place on your TV. Go backwards in the program guide to find available catch-up programs or go straight to the networks catch-up service.

Electronic Program Guide

Find out what’s on over the next seven days and go backwards to see what is available on catch-up TV. Freeview Plus lets you keep watching while you browse other channels and shows.

Browse & Search

Looking for a specific show or movie? Freeview Plus makes it easy to find your favourite programs and discover new ones.


Record your favourite shows with a Freeview Plus personal video recorder.

Keep Favourites

Keep all your favourites in one place under Explore TV.

Set Reminders

If there’s a program you don’t want to miss, simply set a reminder. Freeview Plus will let you know when your program is about to start. That way, you won’t miss a thing!


Want help picking a program to watch? You can now view Featured Programs in Explore TV. Also when you are in a show page, look out for recommendations under ‘More Like This’ based on your program viewing.

Explore TV

Explore TV is your personalised screen dedicated to help you enjoy TV program discovery by combining programs based on your viewing preferences. These include Live TV, Catch Up, Our Picks, Favourites plus Recommended For You. The description of the live or selected program is also provided.


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